The search for light

Darkness was there when I raised my eyes, and it was there beneath my feet. The few stars shining in earnest faltered and gave themselves up to the dark.

They say that darkness does not exist, that it is merely the absence of light.

Where did the light go?

I finally cried out for help. The wind took my desperation and coldly scattered it. I was at my limit when I saw it -– a majestic lighthouse carelessly casting its light at its feet.

Its gaze found me, and it said: Do not be afraid, for I will guide you.

Starved of light, my heart fell upon it.

Inch by inch, it illuminated my arms, my chest, my shoulders.

But my eyes were still shrouded in darkness, and so focused on the light was I that I never saw the rocks.

As my heart caved in and my boat tore apart, I yielded to the sea. I could still see the lighthouse, but its light fell just short of me. It was already looking to the horizon for the next boat that it knows is approaching. Its duty is to embrace the ones that are strong enough to complete the journey, and send the weak into the dark.

What are your thoughts?

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