The tea-losophy of love

I made tea this morning – an ordinary mug with ordinary leaves that whirl around as you pour hot water in.


Tendrils of steam tracing lazy patterns in the air.


A faint aroma that whispers of endless green fields dusted with pointed straw hats.


So much beauty from a single mug.


And I lost myself in watching each leaf make its journey to the bottom.


Just imagine that the mug was our world, and each leaf represented an individual in this world, and the bottom of the mug was the ultimate goal of finding our one true love.


And the descent of each leaf symbolizes each individual’s journey as he or she seeks to realize this goal.


Some of us fall slowly.


Some of us plummet in one swift motion.


Some of us, never fall…


Some of us bump into someone else in the process and get knocked off course.


Some of us bump into more than just one.


Some of us fall, only to come to a gradual halt and surface again…


And the hot water rises and the colder sinks, just like how any relationship will inevitably cool off despite the heated passion that sparked it off.


In the end, as all motion finally ceases, a mass of leaves lies in a clutter at the bottom.


Some reached their goal, some are almost there, some lie at the top of the pile, never to even gain sight of their goal.


And each leaf is resting on, under or beside other leaves, just like how we’re bound to end up with a little fragment of everyone we’ve ever loved, and how we’re bound to have been impacted by them, in one tiny way or another.


We’re just an intricate network of perplexing shades of emotions.


But when it all comes to a standstill, at least we can take comfort that the journey has, in fact, came to an end.


No more spinning and drifting, no more shackles of the past nor anxieties of the future.


Only solid ground beneath our feet.


And knowing – that this is it.

What are your thoughts?

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